Why I choose Young Living Essential Oils?

I decided to work with and use Young Living Essential Oils in 2007 and have never used any other brand since then. Once you begin working with these oils and using them in your life everyday you will see why it was so easy to become completely oil obsessed!

Firstly they are 100% Pure Grade Essential Oils by Young Living, authentic quality and an assured Seed to Seal® promise. YLTG = Young Living Therapeutic Grade. With Global Farms and the most advanced technology for distillation they deliver outstanding quality that surpasses others on the market.

I was already using what I had thought at the time to be excellent essential oils. I had my own therapy shop in Spain and had been practicing Clinical Aromatherapy along with other therapies since 2000. The effect these oils had and how they impacted my life left me with the decision to share my love for them and not keep them to myself.

The Science Part

These small bottles are filled with the essential oils that have been vital to the survival of the plant the effects of the essential oils have so many beneficial uses for us as humans.

These benefits have been well documented and one drop contains 40 million-trillion molecules. We have 100 trillion cells in our bodies; one drop of oil contains enough molecules to cover every cell in or bodies with 40,000 molecules! Wow!!

It’s even difficult to imagine what that really means. Well if it only takes one drop to open a receptor site you can begin to understand the profound effect a single drop can have on your mind, body and emotions.

You Can Choose Young Living As Well!

Make an order either as a  Retail  Customer or as a Member* the choice is yours. You receive your own members account and can shop online and have them delivered to you wherever you are. *As a Member receive 24% discount, cheaper shipping and option to receive loyalty points.

* There is the opportunity to become a business builder. I would be your mentor and include you with all training and support the wider team share. 


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